jQuery UI DotNetNuke integration

by Christoph Herold 3. April 2009 12:04

I just launched a new project at codeplex aiming at the integration of jQuery UI in DotNetNuke: http://jquidnn.codeplex.com/. The first releases are already available in form of DNN module packages containing the core functionality, including infrastructural code to include jQuery and jQuery UI, two web controls for the Tabs and Datepicker widgets, and the smoothness theme.

Also available are module packages for three more themes: Cupertino, UI Darkness and UI Lightness. Further skins are actually quite easy to package and will follow over time, or when someone issues a request for one ;-)

So please, start grabbing the releases and giving me feedback.

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DotNetNuke now with jQuery

by Christoph Herold 7. January 2009 11:06

I have been using jQuery with DotNetNuke for a while now, and was very happy to finally see it integrated into DotNetNuke. What makes me wonder, is that there is no central method for including it in DNN 4.9.1. The library has been placed into the folder ~/Resources/Shared/scripts/jquery, but the one usage I could find does not use the ClientScriptManager to include the script. Instead, it manually creates a Literal script control. This will cause the script to be included multiple times, if different controls use it simultaneously. Perhaps this will be "fixed" in a future release. Perhaps adding a method to the ClientAPI for including it would be a good solution for a global include mechanism.

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