Developing WCF with HTTPS

by Christoph Herold 13. January 2009 21:22

I just ran across a really nice article describing how to create a self hosted WCF service using HTTPS bindings. It's a nice step-by-step instruction on how to create your own certificates, adding them to your store, configuring the Windows HTTP runtime, and configuring your WCF service. You can find the article on CodeProject at this url: Really nice article, helped me a lot. Kudos to Chris.

Also, Steve Johnson created a nice little GUI for the httpcfg command line tool, which you can find here: It's a nice addition to the article, so you are not completely bound to the console :-)

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Service Factory with WCF

by Christoph Herold 24. September 2006 10:53

The Microsoft Patterns and Practices team published a Service Factory Add-On recently, that enables the Service Factory to also create WCF services. Sorrily, just after the release of the Add-On, the .NET Team released .NET 3.0 RC1, which is not supported by the Add-On.

If you still wish to install it, you can install the Orca tool located in the bin/ directory of the Windows Vista SDK, open the Service Factory WCF installer package, and change the value of the LaunchCondition variable FRAMEWORK30 to the Version of RC1 (3.0.04324.17). Save it and then you can install it.

You can find more information at

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